2C Marketing & Design Group

Scalable. Versatile. Ready to help.


At the core of 2C Marketing and Design Group is the husband and wife team of Tom and Sara Condon. Tom is the marketing strategist and project leader. For over 15 years, he has worked with and led marketing teams in industries as varied as child care to insurance companies; always ensuring the branding is consistent, targets are reached and goals are met. Sara has spent her 20 year career designing everything from products and packaging to web graphics and collateral. You have definitely seen her work in stores such as Target, Home Depot and Walmart. She serves as the creative director on every project and consistently crushes Tom at mini-golf.

Over the years, they have gathered a remarkable team of web designers, SEO specialists, social media gurus and fellow brand experts that they are lucky enough to call upon regularly. These are people that have worked together, love what they do and reflect that passion in their work. This is the 2C team – scalable, versatile and ready help.