We’ll customize your CHildcare CRM system for you.


Childcare CRM is a FANTASTIC tool to incorporate in to your child care center’s marketing toolbox. You can set up drip campaigns to entice new leads, track the ROI of an ad campaign or event, communicate with parents or lost leads and SO MUCH MORE.

The issue some child care owners have is under-utilizing this great tool. Once your account is set up, it’s up to you to customize it to meet the needs of your child care center. Not everyone has the time or capability to do that.

That’s where we come in! We’ll consult with you on how to best utilize the Childcare CRM system for your center, then set the whole thing up for you!

No more holes for leads to fall through. No more weird email templates that don’t sound like you. We’ll build-out a CRM system that helps you increase enrollments. Plain and simple.

Below are two Childcare CRM package deals we put together specifically for child care owners to customize their CRM at a reasonable price. You can pick a package “as-is,” or let us know how we can customize one for you. We’re here to help. Just contact us to let us know how! We’ll set up a call to work out the details ASAP.


Childcare CRM Build-Out or Revamp Package


Are there holes in your awesome CRM? Are you following up with the right, branded message at the right points in the enrollment funnel? Are you setting up your drips for the first time? We love to geek-out with drip flow charts and talk about how to place your message.

  • Current CRM Analysis – map out current business rules for drip flow and follow-up tasks, review emails, attachments and identify any potential lead loss points

  • CRM Recommendations - map out new drip campaigns and follow-up tasks including suggested attachments, HTML placement, links and surveys

  • 4 branded HTML emails – either new or redesign of existing (these are great to send to new leads, but also to use as newsletter or other recurring templates!)

  • 2 drip attachments in PDF format (think infographics, “learn more about our yoga class,” “meet the director,” “top ten questions to ask on a tour”– let’s talk about ideas!)

  • One, online training session and a guide (with cheat sheet and flowchart) created specifically for your child care center.

Childcare CRM Branding Package


Got your drip campaigns all sorted out but nothing looks or sounds like YOU? We’ll brand your CRM so it ties in with all your other branding.

  • 4 branded HTML templates (you chose what they’re for!)

  • 2 drip attachments in PDF format (these can also be hosted on your site and linked to emails to help with your SEO –let’s talk!)

  • Email copywriting, edits or re-writes

IT’s always free to start the conversation about how we can help. Don’t let your Childcare CRM be under-utilized for another moment!