Should You Consider Branding Your Child Care Summer Program?


In the spirit of full disclosure, 2C just introduced a new Summer Program Branding Package for child care centers, and we’re running a $300 OFF deal through February 2, 2018. Hence, this blog post.

BUT…whether we do it, you do it or you have your cousin, Larry, do it…

HAVE you ever considered branding your summer program a little differently than your core program?

If you’re running a child care center with a distinct summer program, differentiating that program in your marketing may be something you should consider.


  • Manipulating your existing logo, brand imagery and messaging allows you to alter and/or expand your targeting. Does your child care accept older children during the summer?

  • It piggy-backs on your existing brand awareness and positioning while differentiating just enough to be considered something “other.”

For example, if a parent sees an ad for a child care center that mentions “camp enrollment” using the same logo, imagery and messaging they see all year ‘round, they’re going to think “that’s that popular local child care center.”

If that ad looks and says something different than what they see during the school year, they’re going to think “summer camp…oh, isn’t that that great child care center? I should look in to what they do over the summer for my kids.”

 For an extreme example of this, just consider what Richard Branson has done with the “Virgin” brand.

Image from a fantastic LinkedIn    article    published by Mahesh Murthy

Image from a fantastic LinkedIn article published by Mahesh Murthy

He’s piggy-backing products from books to trains to soft drinks on his brand; each allowing for different targeting.

  • If you’re like a lot of programs, there is (at least) an extra activities fee for your currently enrolled students staying enrolled over the summer.

Do you get push-back from parents? Couldn’t you position that fee as a discounted way for their child to take part in the summer program?

Put simply; if it looks and feels different, it’s an easier sell.

If your daycare or child care business takes a hit during the summer months, maybe it’s time to consider treating those months like a different animal.

Aside from planning activities and field trips, think about separating the summer from your core program even more with its own brand!

How different is your summer program from your core program? Have you tried different brand imagery and messaging in your marketing successfully? We’d love to hear your stories in the comments below.

Until next time – Be Well. Be Happy. Shape Minds. - Tom

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