Can Your Child Care Logo Pass This Test?


Your child care logo is the face of your brand. It’s a visual representation of who you are that appeals to your ideal customer.

Ideally, it’s the result of the work you’ve done identifying your position in the market. Far too often, it’s one of the last pieces of your child care business and the result of a quick decision or the lowest bidder.  

Whether you’ve spent a ton of time and effort identifying your brand, or you had your cousin Harry draw “something colorful,” there are a few crucial questions to ask yourself about your child care logo.

Try to answer these honestly. Is your logo as effective as you’d like?

1.     Is it simple?

What does your logo look like on a business card? Can you make out all the details? Can you read everything?

Sometimes a design looks great on a large screen but doesn’t work out when reduced in size. Maybe there’s too much crammed in there? Maybe that fancy cursive font doesn’t say “child care” anymore when it’s tiny? No matter the size, prospective parents need to be able to read your name.

What does it look like in a single color? Does the design depend on different colors to define edges or elements? Does it look like the same logo when it’s all white on a solid t-shirt?

A logo isn’t a drawing or painting meant to be appreciated one way. It should be versatile enough to be transformed and/or altered as needed.

2.     Is it recognizable?

Can people recognize the design as yours without reading the words?

When is the last time you read the words “Coca-Cola” on a soda can? Get it? You don’t have to. You just know what it is. THAT’S what you’re after.

3.     Does it look like anyone else’s?

Aside from any potential legal issues, you run the risk of diluting brand awareness or even becoming associated with another brand if your logo is similar enough to another company’s logo. It doesn’t matter what industry.

The whole point of marketing is differentiating yourself in the market. It’s hard enough battling direct competitors. You don’t need to become confused or associated with “Happy Time Septic Systems” down the street.

4.     Was it designed without bias?

This one is a bit trickier. Here’s what I mean:

Were there too many people involved in the decision-making process? Did trying to keep everyone happy result in an over-complicated mess of imagery and strange fonts?

If you were the sole decision-maker, did you base the logo on your personal tastes or the taste of your ideal customer avatar?

Of course, we’re going to choose a logo based on personal preferences; but it’s far too easy to lose sight of what the end goal is.

A way to avoid this is to hire a professional designer that’s versed in branding. Ultimately, the designer will give you whatever you ask for. That’s our job, so keep all the above in mind. A good designer will maintain an impartial view and try to keep everyone focused on simply representing your brand through suggestions.

So, how did your logo do? I hope you’re working with something great, but if you need a re-do, 2C is here to help!

We’d also love to hear any war stories about getting your logo designed or issues you’ve run in to along the way. Feel free to comment below!

Until next time, Be Well. Be Happy. Shape Minds.

-        Tom